We know how impatient you are to show or show off all the things you have bought, that you are almost without nails and that you do not stop wondering when it will arrive. Well, we have good news to give you: all orders that are registered until 4:00 p.m. each day at www.decoporex.com, are sent that same day, as long as it is working, and you receive it the next day!

So you can relax now, if you have made the order before 4:00 p.m., tomorrow you will have the delivery man knocking on the door to deliver your package

Of course, we only ask for a bit of understanding. We ship and deliver from Monday to Friday, so we will not be able to deliver your order during the weekend or on holidays.

Also, do not make us sweat the fat drop if your order contains a personalized item or specific design for you, because our employees are running to make you that design that is just for you and although our employees are true experts in this cork, they may be Take a bit of trouble and take a little longer to finish and give the paint or glue time to dry. Do not worry that as soon as it is ready, they will send it to you that same day.

During the periods of specific promotions and sales, shipments may be delayed in leaving our warehouse for a maximum of 48 working hours from when the order was placed, since there are many of you ordering at the same time. But do not panic, once it is shipped, the order will be received within the usual delivery time of 24/48 business hours.


If you live in the Peninsula, you will receive your shipment in 24/48 working hours from when the order is sent (we will notify you of this by mail). All you have to do is sit in front of your front door, wait for the doorbell to ring, and pray that he is that beloved delivery man you are waiting for.


If you live in Portugal, the shipping process is quite similar to that of the Peninsula.

Shipments are also made in 48/72 working hours.


If we have to cross the pond to the incredible Balearic Islands, no problem, we are happy to do it. Shipments are made in 48/72 working hours.



If you need us to send you anywhere in Europe, there is no problem either. The term is 3-6 working days, depending on how far you have to get us.


Surprise! Yes, the long awaited moment has come! We return to make shipments to the Canary Islands.

In this case, as you already know, the delivery time is longer than the usual one we have in other places, but we do not stop giving "the stick" to the transport companies so that they can improve the price.

· It is extremely important that you indicate your ID, otherwise the shipment will not be able to go out